Profit rates for every download process

What do we present for the user?

  • Uploading service up to 10 GB for each file.
  • Servers with massive storage and excellent network speed.
  • Maximum Quality for Downloading and Watching Services.
  • Earning money through your files (Audio, Video, images, articles, etc…..)

EgyUpload Rewards Program

  • - You can use our file hosting service for free.
  • -register on our site, upload and share your files with others and from these visits and downloads you will earn huge amount of money automatically.
  • -EgyUpload PPD program introduces the easiest method to earn money from every download process of your files ..
  • -EgyUpload counts all downloads from all over the world with the highest rates.
  • -EgyUpload pays up to $10 per 1000 downloads depending on the downloader country.
  • -EgyUpload system is counting file size starting of 1 Byte.

Free Account Profits

Size/Group Group A Group B Group C
1Byte - 2000MB $10 $8 $6
Group Countries United States , Canada , Australia , United Kingdom United Arab Emirates And Saudi Arabia All Other Countries

Premium Account Profits

Size/Group Group A Group B Group C
1Byte - 2000MB $12 $10 $8
Group Countries United States , Canada , Australia , United Kingdom United Arab Emirates And Saudi Arabia All Other Countries

Rewards Mod

PPD (Pay Per Download) 100% of downloads 50% of sales 30% of rebills
PPS (Pay Per Sale) 20% of downloads 85% of sales 70% of rebills
MIX (Mixed Plan) 55% of downloads 55% of sales 50% of rebills

Sell Your Files

You can sell your files on 80% For the user 20% For EgyUpload,com
  • Sell Your Files: You can start selling your files now through your account and fix your price for each file and earn up to 80% for each file you sell , How to do it : click edit file in your account and then edit the price ( VIP files ) Then Click save.

Pay Per Download-PPD Plan A

Earn 100% of completed downloads.

Pay Per Referral-PPR Plan B

Earn 25% of earned money from each of your referral.

Pay Per Sale-PPS Plan C

No limits, you get 50% of the purchased premium accounts +25% from rebills.

Terms Of Service

  • It’s forbidden to buy or download any file by self or proxies. Such a process will not be counted and our system is qualified enough to discover that kind of cheat.
  • You must be logged in while uploading files to earn money.
  • We count downloads from all countries and all sizes of files.
  • We count every successful 100% completed download.
  • Any attempt to violate our system, the user will be blocked immediately
  • After 90 days of uploading date, Files with no views or downloads will be removed.
  • All other files will be saved permanently (If the user decides to keep it).
  • Users who upgraded to premium, their files will never be erased. (except the file reported as abused one).
  • Your uploads must obligate to our terms of service.
  • Manipulation methods as (Auto Generate links, Exchange downloads or any other spam) make you liable to get disqualified or banned.
  • It’s simple to be discovered, if you click on your links or ask another one to do.
  • Don’t delete your files gathered money after requesting your payment..
  • Don’t share your files in sites that use software to extract the download link without loading page (Jdownloader and mipony).
  • -DMCA Files: in the case of uploading a file which has copyrights orhas been reported by the owner, this file will be deleted immediately but all the earnings you’ve achieved will not be affected.
  • All the payments will not be sent immediately in the case of stopping google ads account for any reason.
  • -It’s totally prohibited to upload any content that contains (nudity, pornography or violence).
  • By using, you agree to all the mentioned terms of service and the Privacy Policy of the site.


  • Minimum payout is : $5.
  • You earn 25% earned money from each your referral.
  • We are checking all downloads before sending the payments.
  • Payout: We pay via PayPal, Vodafone Cash, Bitcon, Skrill, Webmoney,Payza, Payeer, Orange Money, Etisalat Floos, Westren Union
  • For WesternUnion The minimum Payment it will be $100 this is under Policy.

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